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Graphic Recording

What is a graphic record?

Graphic records are drawings of the main themes emerging from events and meetings.  Having these drawings makes it easier and more fun to relay stories about what unfolded.

Most people are visual learners. These pictures are used to bring greater understanding back to communities and groups.  They can be recorded as videos, used as murals, and photographed for social media, websites and reports.

Graphic Recording: Text

Canadian Mountain Network Virtual Board Retreat

Format: Scrolling story

I drew this story narrative using my scrolling "graphic wall" to scale the image size for online visibility.  In this case, I appeared as a guest in a ZOOM meeting so participants could watch me work as they chose. This is an excerpt of my event summary.

Graphic Recording: Video

Lead image from virtual board retreat

Event & Mountain Panel.png
Graphic Recording: Image

Yukon Indigenous Community Climate Champions Conference

Format: Mural 

I invited youth participants to add drawings to the graphic recording poster. The Arctic Institute for Community-Based Research hosted this three-day in person conference in Whitehorse, Yukon.

Y1C4 Training_edited.jpg
Graphic Recording: Image

Mural from Yukon Indigenous Community Climate Champions Conference

Indigenous Youth Climate Conference_4x8__Mixed Media_Heidi Marion_2017 2.jpeg
Graphic Recording: Image

Mural detail from Yukon Indigenous Community Climate Champions Conference

We Will Use Both Ways of Knowing_Graph Rec_HM&MM2017.png
Graphic Recording: Image

Dam Relicensing Planning Workshop

Format: Scrolling story

Lead page for planning workshop

1 Event_WRGS Day 1_HM2022_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Graphic Recording: Image

Discussion page from planning workshop

10 Is this going to work__Day 2 WRGS_HM2022.png
Graphic Recording: Image

Southern Lakes Caribou Recovery Board

Format: Scrolling story

Lead page for board meeting

1 Caribou Swimming_Graph Rec_HM2021.png
Graphic Recording: Image

Discussion drawing from board meeting

3a Relationship Plan BG removed_Graph Rec_HM2021.png
Graphic Recording: Image

Annual Salmon Ceremony and Gathering

Format: Scrolling story

Lead page for virtual ceremony and gathering

1 Annual Salmon Ceremony_Salmon Hub_HM2022.png
Graphic Recording: Image

Discussion drawing from ceremony and gathering

15 Shaping Our Gathering_Salmon Hub_HM2022.png
Graphic Recording: Image
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